Environment plays an important part in child’s development in the first five years. We now know that a baby’s brain weighs one quarter ¼ of what an adult’s brain weighs. The brain grows rapidly in these years than at any other time in the child’s life. The neurons children are born with make connections based on their experiences. Outdoors play in natural settings contributes to children’s healthy development.

  • Engaging and inspiring children
  • Balancing children’s needs with purposeful program panning
  • Creative themes
  • Ensure all the age appropriate skills are acquired
  • Wider range of Stimulus to children’s interests and imaginations
  • Well- balanced diet, sufficient sleep
  • Plenty of stimulating activities to support healthy brain growth
  • Allow enough time to complete their enquiry
  • Secure their commitment to accomplish the project
  • Consider alternatives to solve problems
  • Start Date June 1, 2021
  • Years Old 19 Months - 3 Years
  • Class Size 10
  • Class Duration 6:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Meals Included
  • CLASS STAFF 2 Teachers
$900 50 per day
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